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It is good to know that I now will know everything there is to know about shooting lead in my SBH and 1894 44 mag. Can't wait to get started preparing to make little groups with Cast byllets. As soon as I get my data I will order bullets according to Marshall's suggestion. I guess I will have to get some other brand to start but it may take me that long to get my barrels ready. My house is already falling apart because of hunting seasons and hunt club work and range and handloading time. Now I will be lapping barrels and such. Hope the old place holds together.

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That guide is an excellent resource for a very modest price even if you only pick up a few bits of knowledge or ideas from it. You will however, pick up much more than that.

At what, $12, it's a bargain.


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Thanks Chief!!

Best get that lapping done.... spring bear season's just around the corner.... then prarie dogs, wood-chucks...wild hogs, then fall black bear, deer, elk, moose, winter predator calling.... shucks, who has time for a house..... heck, you're gone all the time, why have a house???  

Say, have a great week!

God Bless,

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