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I have acquired a Springfield M6 in 22 Hornet/410 for wilderness canoe and snowshoe/skidoo trips in the NWT. Would like to set it up to forage for big game and bear defense in an emergency (yes I know it's light). Have had encouraging results on wet news print using 45 Barnes X for the Hornet and I am trying to get the 410 up to snuff. I have played with 5, oo Buckshot in a 3" shell and with a combined weight of 270 grains this is a fairly powerful load. A bit skeptical about penetration and would rather have a slug. Seems to me the existing slugs are ridiculously light. Even the Brenneke is only 110 grains. In 12 and 20 guage slugs weight about the same as the weight of shot. Why is it only 1/3 the weight in a 410? Heaviest I have found is 140 grains from a casting competetitor to the owners of this site.
Are heavy weight slugs available
Are heavy weight slugs ( 200 grain +) possible, ballistically from a 410?
Where do you buy a roll crimper for 410?
Where do you find load data for slugs and buck shot for the 410?
Anyone know were I can find an old lee loader in 410 (long discontinued)
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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