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Heavy 410 Slugs?

This ain't exactly a HEAVY SLUG for a 410, but it's about twice the weight of what all the manufacturers load... The bullet I'm talkin' about is the 180gr HOLLOW-BASE cast bullets for the old 41 Long Colt. They're 0.387" diameter. Just for comparison, a 410 Full Choke =.015 - .395" Bore & 410 Extra Full = .021 - .389" Bore.

ABOVE: 180gr ~ .387" diameter hollow base bullet for 41Long Colt Revolver

Something interesting - check the 410 loads on this link below and then compare the recommended 14.5gr/2400 charge to a known rifle or pistol cartridge shooting a similar weight bullet... Pressures in a 410 with this charge and a heavy shot load don't top 13000psi according to Alliant. It would be even less with a slick 7/16oz slug instead of a heavy shot load.

Anyone else interested in knowing the pressures from a load like this? I think it offers lotsa' possibilities to those in shotgun only States who already own a little 410 and don't want to shoot heavy slugs or sabots in a big bore shotgun.
Marshall could probably cast some of these bullets from #2 bullet alloy and they would still expand enough in the base to seal a 410 barrel. Any guesses what this bullet/charge would run out of a 410 shotgun? The same powder charge behind a 180gr cast bullet in a 38spl case from a Win94 clocks real close to 2,000fps.

1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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