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When I got out of the Navy in the middle 70s the first shotgun I bought was an H&R Topper in .410. I bought all manner of shot and slug loads for it but remember only shooting one squirrel with it. When I let fly with that load of #6s it really unnerved my hunting buddies as they were using .22 lr rifles.

It didn't take long before I had convinced myself I needed something bigger and better. So I traded the Topper in for a Savage model 24 "Camper Special". The unit came in .22 lr on top of a 20 gauge barrel. The barrels were only 20" long and the shotgun barrel had an Improved Cylinder (fixed)choke. Popping the fore-end and barrels off allowed it to be packed in a leather looking vinyl padded carrying case that came with it. The straight grip and short barrels made for a handy, quick swinging outfit for busting bunnies and sniping squirrels. For a woods walking gun it was the cats pajamas. I sure wish I still had it.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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