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Stevens Model 22-410

Shortly after returning home from WWII my father bought a Stevens Model 22-410. It is the one with the Tenite (plastic) stock and forearm. In the mid 1950's when I was 9 years old he bought a Stevens Model 311 16 gage double barrel shotgun and you can just imagine the excitement and my big grin when he gave me the little 22-410. Included were 6 boxes of 22 shorts and 4 boxes of 3" #6's. That gun accounted for many a dove, squrril, and rabbit.

I asked him why he bought such a "little gun" and his reply was that during the war he was the squad's "BAR Man" and was sick and tired of all of the noise associted with warfare.

Fast foreward to 2002. I still squrril hunt with that "little gun" and amaze my 12 gage totin' friends how fast one can limit-out with the 22-410.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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