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Mr. Gates

Didn't you develop a heavy, hard hitting slug for the .410?

I too would love to have a heavy slug load for the .410. To my mind a 200gr flat nosed bullet screwed to a 1/2" fiber wad would be a pretty good place to start. If you used an all brass case (I believe the .444 Marlin can be re-sized to fit) you should be able to get velocities up around 1,500fps. Accuracy would be another matter all together but anything inside 8"at 100yds should be suitable for the "just in case" kind of use I have in mind. It would also exceed by a significant margin the power level available to the 10mm handgun making it a not too outlandish defensive load. My thoughts are that if a bear is going to attack you, it is better to let him get REAL close before you take the one shot you have. Besides, the charge might just be a bluff.

Will the beartooth 10mm/.41 bullets fit down the bore and choke of a .410 shotgun? If so, they might make an interesting starting point for this project.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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