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Many years ago, at a gun show in Bradenton, Florida, I met a fine Old Gentleman from up in "The Scrub" near Ocala. On his table there was a like new Mod 24 22/410. After some dickering I walk away with it less the &#36150.00 I had in my pocket. I mean this gun looked new! There was not a scratch on the wood. As I walked back to my table, thining about my new squirrel and rabbit gun, I saw Cissey homing it on me and the new toy. Needless to say, she lets me use "her" mod 24 "sometimes"! A few yaers ago, at the Sheriff Department, I managed to pull the barrels off a nice 24 before it took the deep six in the Gulf. This set of barrels were cut to 20", front sight remounted, fine sand blasted, baked flat Acra-Coat fron Brownells, and fitted to Cissey gun. That set of barrels is deadly with the "new" Rottweil 3" "Magnum" Brenneke slugs. While in Italy I gained a real respect for the Brenneke 12 ga on some big hogs in Southern Austria. I tried the #000 bukshot was not impressed with the group,even within .410 range. I assure you I am going to make some #00 with Marshall's recipe. Have you seem the ad "Works like a Swiss pocketknife, but shoots.............." Yep, the little CZ that's copy longer barrel version of the SAC gun. I got one and it rides the river" with me.In the trap it has a supply of Rem .22 Sub-sonics. #7 1/2 shotshells. and a couple Brennekes. The stupid trigger guard has been taken off like the original and it folds up into a neat 18" package. I will not discussed what all we have put in the frezzer off the river with that little gun! We have talked lately about "fun" guns!!!!! I have three pistols, one of which is with me "all the time" Thanks to Florida's laws....For around the Hammock, it's a S&W "original" mod 640 primed with 3-#0 buckshot in a Speer capsule or 125 gr +p HP"S, The next is my "Road and Walking" gun, which is a S&W 686 6" with Pacs. Now it travels with six 185 gr FNGC on top of 16 grs of WW296, and last, but not, least is my serious "Swamp Crawler" .44 Ruger SBH full of .44 LFN's on top of 14 grs of AA5. These are my "fun" pistols!!! Here in Old Florida we go to the Meat store to buy beef. the rest of the time we shop "The Frezzer"!I think some of you all out there understand what I mean! Let's keep up with "Fun" guns!
Best Regards from the Hammock....James  
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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