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I can't wait to try some of these ball loads out of my Magnum Research BFR 410 revolver. i will load some up saturday morning and give them a try. I wonder if i should leave choke in or take it out? Anybody have any ideas? I have been a 410 nut for a long time. I started my hunting with a early tenite stock model 24. In 1981 it was ruined in a house fire. I still have whats left. I have had a contender in 410 for many years. Really light and compact. Took many bunnies and grouse with it. I wanted something with more rounds and a buddy has a D max industries superblackhawk that was converted to 410 I loved it from the first time he let me fire it. But he would not get rid of it. I checked all over and found the Magnum Research 410. These are one of the finest built guns I have ever laid hands on, Almost as good as my Freedom Arms 454 casull. It patterns very well with Remington 3" 7 1/2 out to 30 yards. Number 6 is blown for some reason. The 2 1/2 inch 7 1/2 are beautiful and even. I limit them and myself to 25 yards. Really nice. But the kicker is they cost 899.00. Hard time paying that for a "specialty pistol". So I traded in a couple of other guns to get price down. For those of you out there with Contenders, Buy a 410 barrel for it, You will never regret it. Enjoy and God Bless
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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