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Tell me more !

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Hi Looking to find some more info on a couple guns i've had for years. First one is just an old single barrel 12 ga. i bought when i was a kid 55 years ago. The only thing stamped on the side in very very small stamping is ULC 15.91 AUG11.96 AUG14.00 MAY26.07--------The other is a Belgian Browning 16ga. ser 40356 has some engraving and stamped okga42 K P.V. also has a stamped crown with ELG in the crown and one stamp 16-70 Thanks for any info
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The numbers on your single barrel are patent dates, August 11, 1896, August 14, 1900 and May 26, 1907 but only help in dateing the gun by prooving it was made after May 26, 1907. I have no idea who made it but I would not take for granted it is safe to use with modern ammunition... even the ammunition you have probably already used in it.:eek: I would have it checked by a competent gunsmith.

As for the Browning, I can't tell you much about it except that the crown is a Belgium proof mark and the number, 16-70, means 16 gauge bore and 2 3/4" chamber (70mm). Some folks can date the gun from the serial number. Nice gun, for sure.:D
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