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Tell me more !

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Hi Looking to find some more info on a couple guns i've had for years. First one is just an old single barrel 12 ga. i bought when i was a kid 55 years ago. The only thing stamped on the side in very very small stamping is ULC 15.91 AUG11.96 AUG14.00 MAY26.07--------The other is a Belgian Browning 16ga. ser 40356 has some engraving and stamped okga42 K P.V. also has a stamped crown with ELG in the crown and one stamp 16-70 Thanks for any info
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Thanks, i agree on the old single shot gun. I have not fired it for over 25-30 rears. Actually same with the Browning, but the single is a whole different ballgame. Maybe the ULC has something to do with the maker?? I just joined this forum last week, you guys are great. Thanks
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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