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I decided to test my Knight .50 caliber (original orange primer) disc rifle with a new Lehigh breech plug and a new conversion bolt. This allowed me to shoot 209 primers with out any of the jackets. Lehigh makes a plug that will fit the old Disc rifles, the Extremes, and the Elites which do away with the plastic primer jackets.

Lehigh also sells projectiles in different calibers which are a little different then some you might have seen. I am shooting some of them also because the Disc rifle really likes them.

Rifle: Knight Disc .50 caliber
Scope: Niko Pro Staff 2-7x32mm
Projectile : .40 caliber 200 grain Lehigh hollow point
Sabot: MMP blue 50/40 sabot
Powder: Triple Seven 2f
Primer: Winchester W209
Distance to target: 50 yards
Swab solution: Windex Glass Cleaner
Breech plug: Lehigh Gen II with only white teflon tape as lube

The rifle was swabbed with Windex Glass Cleaner. I then popped two primers through the breech plug. I loaded 110 grains of Triple Seven 2f powder. The Lehigh 200 grain projectile in the blue MMP sabot was loaded with very little effort.

The rifle was sighted in for 100 yards. The first two hits were holding a dead center bull. The last three was aiming at the bottom of the bulls eye. I was very pleased with the accuracy of the rifle and the projectiles.

Company then showed up so I only got off the five shots. I took the breech plug out with no problems at all.

This is the breech plug, before any cleaning. I did remove the layer of Teflon tape. I was shocked at how clean the thing was. Also that should be noted was how clean the floor of the rifle was in the primer area.

This was the end of the bolt face. Again, a small carbon mark that was removed very easy with just a couple Q-tips and some solvent. A real easy clean up there.

This is the inside end of the breech plug. Again, a couple Q-tips and it wiped clean. Not a hard clean at all. There was no fouling on the scope, the floor of the breech was clean, the firing pin when pulled had a small smear of carbon on the nose that came right off. And since I was shooting Triple Seven powder. Three patches with Windex Glass Cleaner on them, and the barrel was clean.

This rifle cleaned so fast, I forgot to take the barrel out of the stock. It was clean before I realized that.

Over all a real nice experience shooting the Lehigh Gen II plug and conversion bolt. It made shooting this rifle a real pleasure. The rifle was smooth, and accuracy was outstanding. I had no problem at all getting the primer into the Lehigh housing in front of the bolt, and it cycled them right in, and they fell right back out after being shot.
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