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It's been a while since I have posted, but I have been reading frequently.  

Most people would be surprised to find how many shooters are Christians who do not hesitate to declare God's love and grace at every opportunity.  This forum gives great cause for rejoicing.

I have read the comments from the gentleman who tried to take you to task for opening such a subject, I sincerely hope he is open-minded enough to honestly investigate the claims of Christ since he will be missing so much.  This extends to anyone reading this who refuses to see what is so abundantly apparent if we will only open our eyes.  Peter declared, when ordered by the Sanhedrin to cease preaching Christ, that even were they to do so the very rocks would cry out the message of the Gospel, how true.  It is beyond my understanding how any honest individual could look upon the marvel which is God's creation and deny His existence.

I live in the center of influence of probably the most successful cults, Mormonism.  They declare that there is only one true church, and I must concede that they are right in fact, but not in belief and practice.  There is but one true church, and that is Christ's church, the body of Christ.

There is only one thing to consider, and that is does God exist or does He not?  If He does, and He does, then believe in and worship Him as the only true and living God, Creator of the universe!  If you don't believe, then at least give yourself some time to investigate Christ's claims.  If after an honest investigation you still refuse to believe that is your prerogative.  Please, for your soul's sake, don't close your heart and mind to Christ.

I don't wish to be thought to trivialize this matter, but consider this:  If you choose to believe and get to the end of your life and you were wrong, then you have lost nothing.  If, on the other hand, you choose to deny God's existence and are wrong, then you have lost everything!

Again, thank you Marshall, and everyone of my brothers in Christ who have been so open here and elsewhere on the Internet.  What a wonderful tool God has created for the dissemination of His Word!!  I fully believe that there is truely no such thing as "Invention", but , in fact, God in His goodness allowing His Creation to discover from time-to-time the secrets of this wonderful world He has created for His beloved children.

Your Brother in Christ,
Al Kinckiner
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