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The 1911 project

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So i had a thought the other day i want to build a 1911 from the bottom up in 38 super. since i have some basic gun smithing skills this is kind of a learning project for me. most of this is going to be learn as you go. but i figured i should atleast ask people who know what their doing. Im wondering if i put the 38 upper together will it fit on any basic 45 lower. and what are the parts ill need.I have a list i just want to see if it matches up. any suggestions on manufactures would be helpful too. thanks guys.
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AGI has a 4 dvd set for building custom 1911. i think it would be worth you wile to look in to. Just because they build on the original 45acp it can give you a heads up on what problems that may come up and how to deal with them. You use same frame as 45. The slide to frame and firing pin assembly may need some gunsmith fitting. hope this helps.
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