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I have a Siamese Mauser that I have replaced the stock twice. This last stock is a fine piece of Claro with a bit of figure in the butt, but nice and dense. I had lots of practice in knowing what I wanted in a stock by the time I got around to making this one. The recoil coming from my favorite load of 50 some odd grains of IMR 4064 with a 445 grain Lyman, is noticable. Noticable enough to disassemble one Lyman scope and one old Weaver. I think God was telling me that I didn't need a scope on that rifle.
Everytime I pick that rifle up I get the yen to take a wander through the hills, also known as the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I built that rifle to exactly my specs. It comes to shoulder just right, there is nothing like having a rifle with just right length of pull, the pistol grip fitting my hand and the forearm fills my hand, so that I know just where to grip it.
I'd be hard put to say which I find more pleasing for a walk in the woods, this rifle or some cute little filly's hand.
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