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The Ammo Shortage Continues?

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Interesting summation of the reasons (not what you think) the ammo shortage is continuing:
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Disagree with the main thrust of the article.

Yes, the enforcement agencies have placed large quantity orders for the military types of ammunition for use as practice and carry ammo. That's a fact. However, it doesn't mean the entire manufacturing output has been tied up since 1997 for this purpose. I'm not sure which facility the author states is soley owned by the government and only supplies them - as far a I recall, all the major manufacturers supply military ammunition (look at the headstamps, sometime). Maybe he is referring to Lake City.

The turnover of political parties in Washington certainly led to a massive wave of fear in the country resulting in huge firearm and ammunition sales, including the hoarding of reloading components.

The recent past has demonstrated a catch-up by suppliers though, with stocks of both ammunition and reloading components being more readily available, at least in my area. Prices are quite a bit higher than before the panic set in with scarcity of such, but I attribute that mostly to the higher prices of raw materials and some Yankee enterprising by the manufacturers and sellers.

The one item that puzzles me though, is the continuing non-stocking of .380 Auto ammo. My personal stock was in place several years ago, so I don't hurt that much, but sympathize with those who can't find it. Did see where Midway had some brass for sale the other day.
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Probably by the locals. I know in Korea the locals scavanged the brass from the fields almost as fast as it could be put there. Ended up being smelted and molded into all sorts of things.
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