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The Ammo Shortage Continues?

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Interesting summation of the reasons (not what you think) the ammo shortage is continuing:
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Did see where Midway had some brass for sale the other day.
Yeah, that is, when they have it in stock. I'm STILL waiting for a backorder from 2 months ago!! Some 20 ga AA hulls, some 40 cal FMJ bullets, and a couple of other things....ridiculous.

Fact is, the forces behind the scenes are trying to dry up the ammo and reloading supply market, to shut down any possibility of resistance in the future. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but it is the truth. They can fabricate whatever BS story they want to, trying to explain why there are shortages....but this is the real disarmament of the sheeple.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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