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The Crimson King-Part 2
As she came down the rope Aaron noticed that she was not five feet tall as he had thought but closer to five foot eight or ten, she was wearing canvas colored safari shorts with a red and brown plaid checkered long sleeve shirt. She was wearing a set of brown leather hiking boots with gray wool socks and around her neck she wore a hand made beautiful crafted necklace made of hemp and clay. Her legs were perfectly built and it was obvious she was careful with the sun as she had a very light tan, her hair was golden blond and her eye’s were cobalt blue. He was breathless as she reached the ground. Her eyes seemed to be magnetic and had a depth to them that was hypnotic and alluring. Realizing that he was staring at her he shook his head and was blushing as he apologized to her, at the same time he realized she too was blushing.
Neither one said anything until they came out of the forest near the camper. Aaron spoke first, “Do you want to talk about it?”
“It was horrible!” I woke up hearing Alan and Sheri in the tent next to me screaming and Don’s dogs barking.” “The lanterns were off and it was really dark, I stepped outside and saw a huge bear like shape standing over Don’s tent, it was making loud shrieking and growling sounds, I took off running and Bob was right behind me yelling run! Run! Run! You know the rest.”
Aaron said, “I haven’t seen any sign of bears, there should only be black bears in this area and black bears are not tall enough to tower over a tent, a big one might weigh 300 pounds and go six feet tall, obviously there must be a Grizzly here somehow. I’ve never heard of a grizzly in this area before. They were shot out a hundred years ago.”
Beth replied, “ It sure as **** didn’t sound like the bears I’ve heard on T.V.”
Aaron contemplated telling her about the two people he had found and decided not to tell her at this time. He asked her how they made it into this area.
Beth replied “Don followed us in his car until we hit the 4-wheel drive roads then he and his dogs rode the rest of the way in with us. He left his car to the side of the road so people could get by. Alan has a Toyota Land Cruiser.
It was five in the afternoon and he realized that he had not eaten at all and he was certain she had to be starving, too. He said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.”
Her eyes glimmered, “I could eat a horse!“
“I’ll get the coals going then start on dinner, you can sleep in the camper tonight and I’ll set up a tent for myself.” If it weren’t for the bad climb out of this valley we would leave now. Tomorrow we’ll have to go to the police.”
Later that evening after finishing a gourmet quality dinner of baked potatoes, New York steaks and fresh green beans, they both sat staring into the fire gazing at the orange coals.
Aaron said, “Well I guess...” Suddenly a high pitched shrieking screaming sound came from no more than a hundred yards away in the part of the forest that they had walked through to get to camp earlier that afternoon. They were both on their feet quicker than Jack in the Box jumps up from his box. You could hear it getting closer every second crashing through the black forest. With his voice cracking Aaron said, “Beth, we can’t out run this thing, and it is to dark to try anyway, we have to take refuge in the camper.... Now !” He never went on a trip without his favorite sidearm, a stainless steel Colt Combat Commander chambered in .45 ACP. He quickly checked to see if it was loaded after locking the door, he then placed two loaded magazines in his back pocket for good measure. He had Beth lay on the floor of the camper and told her to be totally quiet.
At first all he could hear was his heart pounding in his ears and his and her nervous breathing then he felt or sensed that it was just outside. The shrieking that began was so loud that he thought it could have been in the camper with them and then he heard the tent being ripped to shreds and along with the shrieking it was making a growling kind of sound. Aaron was knocked against the wall of the camper as a heavy blow hit the side. Beth began screaming as another blow blew out a side window, Aaron raised the Colt and emptied it in what he thought was the right direction. In the process he was punching .45 caliber holes each time the Colt belched flame and hot lead through the camper wall. The monster hit the camper again this time the wall split open with a tear about three feet long and a foot wide. Aaron slammed a fresh magazine home and fired through the tear, he could see movement and he emptied the Colt again. The roof split open with the next blow, this time he fired at the things head he could see standing above him and as the Colt bucked in his hand its flash illuminated the monsters ugly head. Now he was screaming with Beth as the very sight of this thing left all reasoning behind, only pure fear existed in him now.
It was taller than the tallest bear in the world, it was at least fifteen feet tall at the shoulders, its ears were pointed like a German shepherd, its eyes were yellow and looked like a serpents eyes. Its head was big and round like a bear but its face was flat like a human’s. The teeth were long and sharp like a cats, its arms were big and powerful like a weight lifters and covered with crimson colored thick coarse hair and its hands had fingers and he could see claws retracting in and out of the ends of it’s fingers like a cat does. As the Colt spit out it’s last bullet the monster screamed in torment and disappeared from overhead. Only the noise of limbs snapping off trees as the monster retreated could be heard for a few minutes after the attack.
Beth had her ears covered tightly with her hands and was making small whimpering sounds. Aaron pulled one hand away and told her the monster had left, she came off the floor and quickly hugged him and said “Oh god, thank you god! Thank you!“ He could feel her warm tears on his chest as he patted her on the back and told her it would be O.K.. After a few minutes they could hear from deep in the forest the monster shrieking madly in the darkness.
They held each other for some time and because of the stress and suddenly they both felt a heat building in them and without explanation their lips and tongues found each other in a great hunger. Aaron and Beth pulled away from each other both knowing now was not the time for such pleasures. He felt they were safer to stay in the camper until daylight so he made a bed up on the floor were he thought it would provide some protection in case the monster came back. They fell asleep with his arm over her and their bodies touching each other spoon style lying on their sides with Aaron against Beth’s back. They drifted off to sleep listening to the shrieking of the monster in the far distance.
They awoke at first light and Aaron opened the door slowly with his left hand as his right hand held on to the Remington. Unlike in the camper there would be plenty of room to maneuver with his rifle and it was far more powerful than his .45 but he was still concerned about it’s ability to bring down this crimson colored monster. He gave Beth his Colt along with the two extra magazines freshly loaded, showed her how to fire it and asked her to stay in until he checked it out.
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