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The Eagle"

i got this off a web page of a radio station

September 11, 2001

Today after somewhat recovering from the news that America was attacked, I
was able to bring my thoughts together and penned the following. If you have
ever know anyone who has fought for, died for or stood for freedom, send
this on in their honor and in honor of everyone who died today. We together
must stand tall and united in the defense of our country and our freedom.


Allen L. Shelton

Today you have singed the feathers of the Great Eagle and attacked the
freedom of the cities, towns and valleys above which the Great Eagle watches
over. You have attacked a people more diverse than anywhere else on earth,
all of whom flocked here for various reasons, but shared a single purpose.
And that purpose was freedom. We as a people of the United States of America
will not yield our freedom to you. We have not done so in the past, we will
not today, nor will we in the future. The Great Eagle soars even higher
today after your cowardly and warrant less attack on our cities and skies.
All peoples of this country shall stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder
in a combined defense of our country and our freedoms. The eyes of the Great
Eagle will seek you out. They will find you. And then, the Great Eagle, with
wings spread wide will strike with the spirit of tens of millions of
Americans guiding her path to ensure our freedom will always stand. We will
not bow, we will not break, we will never succumb. We shall always soar high
in the pursuit and defense of freedom.
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