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The holy grail !!

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Went out to the range early this morning to try out some new turkey chokes a customer game me and threw in my air rifle just in case the wind wasn't howling.
A few days ago I put a heavier hammer weight in my FX dreamline and chronographed it in the garage, the velocities went down instead of up, I still don't completely understand how the spring, hammer weight and regulator work together and I don't think anyone else does either except for maybe the Swedes who designed the gun.
Anyways, the spring had to be taken out to put the original hammer weight back in so I used my chronograph to adjust the tension for optimum velocity today.
Only got another 6 fps out of the 13.43gr pellets but 26fps with the 16.2gr jsb pellets.
In previous tests the best groups were with jsb slugs at 50yds, best pellet groups were with the 16.2 gr at 35yds, those became unstable somewhere between 35yds and 50yds and didn't group at all at 912fps.
Adding just a little speed made all the difference at 50yds for both pellets, the gun grouped really well at 50yds outdoors with a 3-5mph wind with both pellets. Somehow in my hurry to get out the door this morning I forgot the JSB 13.43gr slugs but brought some 16.0gr Wildman slugs made in GB. As you can see they didn't stabilize in the 1-18" twist pellet barrel, whenever I get the heavy slug barrel I'll rerun the test with them.
I didn't bring the compressor to the range so could only shoot so many rounds, I wanted to confirm that the groups weren't just luck but was unable to do so, will try and replicate as soon as the weather permits.
These are outstanding groups for a 177 air rifle at 50yds, really close to 1 moa. They're definitely good enough for most of the rodents and pigeons I encounter out to 50yds.
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Yea, those look pretty nice for 50 yds.
I've been meaning to pick up some JSB's, just to shoot at 50, but I've yet to get them. Been busy with a new CZ 457 in 22 cal.
So yesterday I did a pest control out at a small ranch pretty far out in the country, the customer is a gun guy so he let me shoot my FX after doing his service. I had not shot the jsb 13.43gr slugs since cranking up the hammer spring and was curious how well it would group. Guessing the velocity is around 980fps, didn't have time to mess with the chronograph but will soon. The gun was already sighted in with the same weight pellets so not surprisingly the slugs with the higher BC didn't drop as much and were high on the swinger. Strelok pro says the zero should be at 47yds for a maximum point blank range of 54yds, plus or minus 1/2".
I cranked the scope down while shooting eventually going to low then back up with a few confirmation shots, these were real world in the field accuracy shots from a folded up jacket laid across my hood. I shot right next to his barn where the wind wasn't much of a factor until the last few yards. This was the maiden voyage of the Hawke 6-24x scope as well, very pleased with it.
47yds, 4" plate

Minute of pigeon for sure, probably shouldn't try a head shot but putting one in the vitals should be easy. Looks to need a couple of clicks up yet.
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So this afternoon I had to go reset a squirrel trap not far from the house, when I came back to the truck there was a guy waiting for me, he asked if there was anything I could do about a couple of pigeons that have decided to roost in the beams right outside his kids bedroom across the street.
I replied as a matter fact I can, ha ha
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