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Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us.

The Lord ate and drank with sinners, that he might bring the gospel of the Kingdom of God to them.

If we do not sup with the unsaved, how then can we bring them the Gospel?

Too often we Christians shrink from entering places where the sinners are for fear of condemnation from our fellow church members.

As Paul said, we have to be in the world but not of the world. We have to be an example to the unsaved.

I have no problem with going to a bar with my unsaved co-workers and being an example by abstaining from alcohol and the bad language.

There are people in my church that have questioned the validity of my salvation (none of them seem to have the courage to ask me directly) because I enter such places.

Too many churches are hiding under their steeple waiting for the Rapture. Too many churches are sending missionaries to Russia and ignoring the opportunities for mission in their own communities.

I applaud your courage in the prison mission. I will add you to my prayers.

God Bless.


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Thank you, and you are most welcome my friend.
I thank you for the prayers as well. The prison ministry, is something i do, cuause the Lord told me to do it. It is not my "regular" ministry, " but what is "regular?" It is being a light where ever we can. You are correct. As a pastor, i see very little of the church 'going out,' to bring the word to the world... "it is not convinent," for them.

The harvest s 'very plentiful,' and the labours seem to just mostly want to go and get 'revelation' on Sunday morning.

My job as a minister is clear in Ephesians 4: 1 & ff,
...To prepare the saints for the works of service...."

It is not the pastors job to do it all, but to impart the edification, and encouragement for the congregation to "go out."

God bless you.

Pastor Gary
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