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The Shooters Corner by Don Lewis

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I have been reading “The Shooters Corner” by Don Lewis. Lewis wrote at least two articles for Rifle magazine and five or six articles for the Gun Digest. His article: The Plight of the Hornet from the 1976 edition of the Digest is a good story. Lewis and his wife Helen were actives users of “walking around” varmint rifles, my favorite kind. Lewis also wrote a few articles about woodchuck hunting and they are enjoyable.
Lewis came from a book family just as I did and it brings back memories of my childhood to read of his mother reading aloud to the kids as they sat around the kitchen table.
Lewis does not “waste” a lot of the reader’s time with nostalgia but gets right into rifles, hunting and reloading. This is a book for riflemen, regardless of the type of shooting they prefer. The book is not an all-inclusive “how-to” book but there is enough detail to keep it interesting.
This book was printed in 1989 and, while up to the minute, it is not dated. This one is well worth trying to get on an inter-library loan. Did any forum member know Don Lewis?
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I read Shooter's Corner probably 5 or 6 years ago, really enjoyed it, IIRC, there was a thread about the book (might have even been started by me, don't remember) a few years ago.
Actually, don't know if you checked the "similar threads" box at the bottom of this page, but his daughter posted a thread regarding his passing, if you were interested in contacting the his family, she left an email address in the top post.
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