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The Shooters Corner by Don Lewis

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I have been reading “The Shooters Corner” by Don Lewis. Lewis wrote at least two articles for Rifle magazine and five or six articles for the Gun Digest. His article: The Plight of the Hornet from the 1976 edition of the Digest is a good story. Lewis and his wife Helen were actives users of “walking around” varmint rifles, my favorite kind. Lewis also wrote a few articles about woodchuck hunting and they are enjoyable.
Lewis came from a book family just as I did and it brings back memories of my childhood to read of his mother reading aloud to the kids as they sat around the kitchen table.
Lewis does not “waste” a lot of the reader’s time with nostalgia but gets right into rifles, hunting and reloading. This is a book for riflemen, regardless of the type of shooting they prefer. The book is not an all-inclusive “how-to” book but there is enough detail to keep it interesting.
This book was printed in 1989 and, while up to the minute, it is not dated. This one is well worth trying to get on an inter-library loan. Did any forum member know Don Lewis?
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Mike, I would have enjoyed visiting with him. Don Lewis and his wife were serious squirrel hunters and were constantly hunting for the ideal .22 rimfire. My Dad is a very similar shooter; Dad is always looking for the ideal .22 rifle.
Don’s comments on .22 pump rifles parallel mine, while the pumps may not be the most accurate rifles in our .22 battery, they are fun! The only comments I do not agree with are his assessment of the accuracy of the Ruger 77/22 bolt action which in my opinion is not a squirrel rifle, “out of the box.”
Don’s thoughts on iron sights are interesting. He coins two terms, “the hunter’s eye” and “the woods eye.” His thoughts on how to see in the woods and in the game fields are interesting.
When reading the chapter on scopes it is obvious Don has hunted and shot a lot. He knows scope construction and he knows what works in the field. His thoughts on Lee Dot reticules are obviously based on experience and he understands the difference between a dot reticule on the target scope and the hunting scope.
Don wrote some good stuff on muzzle loading rifles and anyone just starting out or having trouble with muzzle loading rifles would do well to read these chapters. Dons comments on the Revolution and the shots by the Pennsylvania “Shirt Men” and “Tim Murphy’s” shot is good stuff. Not as in-depth as in Sawyers “Our Rifles” but a good condensed version.
I have not quite finished the book but it has been a good read so far.
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Jb and Shaun - I knew I had seen a review of this book somewhere but could not come up with it. I had it on my want list with a star so I must have been impressed by your review. This is a very good book from an experienced shooter and hunter, a good read.
Don’t thanks me, thank JB and Shaun! I have read Don’s stuff in the various Gun Digests but was not aware of his book until they posted on it.
I am very pleased to have the book too.
My wife is pleased to read of another woman hunter, rifleman and game cook.

Sells books and magazine articles are great. He sure knew a lot about being a “Woods Loafer.”
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