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I was just reading Dodge's post of 8/28, and it reminded me of the following:

My best friend, Paul, had a heart attack some 10 years ago. He was feeling poorly, with chest pressure and aching left arm, for 36 hours. When his fiancé took him to the hospital, the doctors recognized the signs, wired him up and had him rest. Fifteen minutes later his heart stopped, and they had to crash-cart him. By man's reasoning, he should have died, but obviously, the finger of God was on him.

His comment during recovery really impacted me. He said that what saved him during the heart-attack was the prayer of friends and family said after the heart-attack. God, existing and functioning outside of time, can certainly juggle prayers, applying those said after an event to before or during an event. The moral being, that it's never too late to pray for someone.

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