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There are better ways to carry a handgun!

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This shooting incident in a Seattle area Lowe's Home Improvement store, lends a certain gravity to the subject of proper handgun carry methods:
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There is really no such thing as an accidental discharge, all shooters know that, and why anyone would even need to carry a handgun of any kind on the street either legally or illegally with the exception of the Police, Security or Army escapes me for any common sense whatsoever, and the measure of the absolute paranoia that seems to be common place in the US where your laws allow such things, I love Australia.

Interesting that the nearby thread on Gun Control sits there untouched like it has the plague and any reply to it will be watched by some secret US government department to be flagged and then visited by your FBI, get a grip.

The mass hysteria when "gun contol" is mentioned to the point when all US ammo supplies is low all over the world due to bulk panic buying by US shooters, that goes for all guns, powder primers bullets etc etc, surely sensible gun control is something that most people would want, within reason, or must every citizen carry a handgun, Hello ? is anyone home, does no one see the insanity where it's got to the point where you need to carry any gun.

Sad to see, really is, and the fool that blew away one of his nuts deserves all the pain, as I know the first and last rule is that All guns are always loaded, and to have one that I had deliberately loaded and pointing at true point blank range at my manhood, I guess stupid is as stupid does, accidental discharge, yeah what a crock, or was that ? never mind, that really makes my day.

Flame away, I live under very strict gun laws in Australia, I enjoy my shooting, rifle, shotgun and handgun, and I'm glad I live in a free country where I don't need to carry a gun, and for the record, after the Australian Government via John Howard introduced strict gun control, Gun Crime incresed in Australia, including Murder, Armed robbery violent assault, etc etc all went up nearly 20%, but pointing a gun that I deliberately loaded at my nuts has to be pretty dum, in the extreme.
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Firstly i guess the glock safe action is put into a new perspective, that aside I have to asume that by having these concealled carry permit laws for civilians and for so long that your people don't even think twice about it because its something which is more the exception to the rule in most all other countries.

I'm not going to rant about your laws as an outsider somehow being jealous of concealled carry, because i'm not, unfortunately as its the norm for you the point evades most as some threat to your civil liberties as written in your costitutional rights to bear arms, yada yada, but had that fool been going there to rob the place and with his finger on the trigger it's likely, and your kid just happened to be there and copped a stray bullet should maybe put it in some perspective as how we see it, maybe it's such second nature that you just don't think about it and take it for granted.

The point being it's just plain crazy for any civilians outside their own home to need to carry a gun, any gun, if that was all you ever lost in any gun control move then you have lost nothing, really.

That fool shooting himself is hilarious, Yeah sure check out our laws, by all means look, you might as well take a look also at some other countries laws regarding handgun ownership and post them up, Great britain for one, and several european countries for starters where they have it worse than us down here.

If no one gets it, then I guess gun control will really hurt more than any bullet.

NB I never voted for john Howard either
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