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There are better ways to carry a handgun!

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This shooting incident in a Seattle area Lowe's Home Improvement store, lends a certain gravity to the subject of proper handgun carry methods:
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IMHO it is pretty important if you are going to carry a gun with no safety that you do so in a holster that protects the trigger from an inadvertent activation. A glock will not go off unless the trigger is pulled so don't set yourself up for failure and have any piece of your anatomy or any other object touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot. This is a fundamental of gun safety right up there with not relying on a safety on a gun to keep it from going off. DON'T touch the trigger!
I'm afraid your logic needs some work. Let me enlighten you as to why a civilian should have the right to carry a firearm and why I do. I believe that there are three main types of people in this world. The first type are those like you. You feel that the police and or the authorities in general are capable of providing for your security and you are comfortable having no means to protect your own life or the lives of your loved ones. That is fine and that is your choice. I call this being a sheep.

Then there is another type of person who does not fit into society at all. They view everyone they encounter as a possible meal to devour. They have no morals, no desire to better themselves or their surroundings they only seek to destroy and consume. They give no thought to the innocent that they prey on. They are wolves.

Having encountered this type of person I have become the third type, the sheep dog. I realize that while the authorities are well intentioned they are not sufficient to provide for my security or that of my wife or my child and so wherever I go I have with me the means to defend their lives and my own. I take this responsibility upon myself and do not leave this to chance. Having been in life and death situations that I tried to avoid, called for authorities and waited and waited I know I will never be without the means to defend the innocent ones I love. Long ago I shed the illusion that the police or anyone else would be there to save me or my family from the wolves that prey on our society.

The scenario that Australia enacted has played out many times. It goes like this... The sheep are not able to distinguish between the wolves and the sheep dog so they get together and often lead by a wolf in sheep's clothing ban teeth. The wolves pay no heed to laws of sheep anyway so they go on eating what they please, knowing that the sheep dogs obey the law and have no teeth anymore. The end.

When the government takes away your right or ability to defend innocent life, be it your own or your family that government has given over itself to lawlessness and no longer serves it's people. Many have fallen victim to a belief that all have the same right to life. While this seems logical on the surface it is not actually true. If you are going through your daily life, harming no one, do you not have more of a right to life than the one who only seeks to prey upon you, kill you and take all that you have for themselves? Civilian ownership of firearms means that might does not make right. It gives the weak and the disadvantaged the power to defend themselves from being preyed upon. Civilian gun ownership affirms life.

I am very thankful that I was born in a land that has a law at it's core that affirms that right to defend my own life with arms. This principle is the bedrock of a civilized society; degrading it in any way is counter to life and counter to the continuance of civilization. So I say no to any gun control measure that would take arms from the innocent and leave them prey to wolves.
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1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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