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There are better ways to carry a handgun!

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This shooting incident in a Seattle area Lowe's Home Improvement store, lends a certain gravity to the subject of proper handgun carry methods:
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That's what an IWB holster is for. He probably shouldn't be breeding anyway.

Ut eram inhumanus
The Gospel of John (Browning)

Let us read from the Gospel of John (Browning):

"...verily spake the minions of the War Department. Thus it came to pass that a lever falling easy to the thumb was added. The lever so blocked the sear that no errant pull could release the hellfire. And John said 'It is good.'"

And 100 years later,it's still good!! Thank you,Brother Ralph,for that inspirational quote. Was that from volume I or II of the Book of the 1911?;)

That was actually a from a moment of personal inspiration, occasioned by your previous post and my knowledge of the ordnance board requirements! A self-quote as it were.
Nor any:

The moral of the story is: Dont carry a Glock without a proper holster and if you have to, dont have a round in the chamber.
Nor any single action autoloader cocked and locked without a proper holster.
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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