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There are better ways to carry a handgun!

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This shooting incident in a Seattle area Lowe's Home Improvement store, lends a certain gravity to the subject of proper handgun carry methods:
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Ouch ouch ouch :eek:

If I was EVER going to carry a semi-auto - ANY semi-auto - without a holster, I would put it in the BACK of my pants. Not the FRONT!!!!! Would rather have a few powder burns on my backside, than go looking for parts that I might want later!!!! :D

When I had a Glock I put it in a Fobus hard shell holster, I think. Can't remember.

I often put a single action inside the waistband in the front of my pants while walking around on the deer lease. Needless to say, it's verified that the hammer is down before doing this! Also, with a 5.5" barrel, the cylinder is in front of my left hipbone and the muzzle ends up under the left front pocket, pointed out past my leg, without any of my body parts in front of it. That is, it's pointed to one side, not straight down :eek: :eek: :eek: Worst case, if it went off, there might be some "sting" from the b/c gap, but hopefully no permanent losses....

A 5.5 stainless Bisley is pretty comfortable to carry this way, my opinion.
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For those who don't feel like defending themselves, and prefer to be a victim - that's fine with me. Your choice.

I prefer to carry, when I can do so legally. I also don't point my carry gun at things I don't want bullet holes in. That includes vital body parts! Some people haven't figured that out.
So... I'm afraid I don't follow you. Your laws against carrying a handgun have eliminated all criminal use of such?

I can't speak for all other states, but here (Texas) we take a class, pass a background check, and show proficiency at the range before being allowed to get a carry permit. It is extremely rare for those holding a concealed-carry permit to get into any kind of legal trouble. As a side note, a considerable number of our state officials have concealed-carry permits, thus the state capitol is a place one can lawfully carry with a permit.

It isn't just making a decision to strap on a six-shooter or stuff a Glock in your pants (ouch!) and go. There is a process to do it legally (and safely I might add).

The gang members who would hold up the gas station, were doing so before we were allowed to get carry permits. They'll continue in the future, too, I'm afraid, regardless of the law.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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