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Many years ago I did some articles for Handloader and Rifle.  At that time they were working to build a place in the industry and had some great people. Recently, I mailed in to them a copy and work up of the Beartooth Wildcats we have been working on, more for their records than anything. I received a little form letter from Dave Scovill saying they had enough "freelance" material for the next two years! Watch for our wildcats to be "designed" by one of their syndicated writers before long! It's happened before and it will happen again! This is a example why I do not support the likes of them anymore! All you have to do is go to one Outdoor Writers Seminar and watch what happens! I don't trust any of these writers who trade their 12 month syndicated articles for "goodies" from the manufacturers!!!!
It's Forums like this one where you will get the straight dope.....that's why it's the big number 7 of the top 100 sites!!! Keep the good stuff rolling! Remember the new shooters/reloaders!!! Don't get too polarized!!
Best Regards To All, James

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