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This makes me proud to be from the Midwest!

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Just another example of how far removed from reality the mainstream media has become. They will sensationalize the problems with methamphetamine addiction, to sell air time and attract advertisers, but then fail to understand how an increase in violent crime must be met with an increase in our capacity to defend ourselves. The owner of that car dealership is to be commended for his restraint and for having the courage to simply tell the truth, when questioned about his company's motto of "God, Guts, Guns and Pickup Trucks". For many Americans...that's just the way life is. If the right and left coast media outlets don't get that, it doesn't change the truth of it.
Birddog -

Don't just post a link when making a thread. Add a short description of what its about so members may decide if they want to view it without opening.

Thank you.
Haha old school sumbeech, too bad there ain't more car dealerships like that.
that piece is a year or two old, i remember when it first came out. yes he did a fantastic job setting the record straight and came out makeing her look like the grandstanding media scrounge they are.
That was great . I want his bumper sticker. I do not put stickers on my truck but I want that one to show every one in Communist California exactly how I feel and I would like to give him the revenue. It is his motto I just want to barrow it. Does anyone out there know how I can get a hold of that dealer ship. We should all spread the word to those how would like to take our rights away from us please help me find this dealership.
I called them and they have nothing with there motto on it. They seam like real nice peaple .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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