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Thornily and TKO Calculations

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When running these calculations on the beartooth ballistics page, should we be entering anticipated expanded diameters of bullets after impact? For example; if I enter .308 for a 180g 30/06, the calculation for Thornily show it to be barely an adaquate deer load, but enter .450 as that bullet's diameter after impact and it's back to being an Elk load. What's the rule?
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The expansion of the bullet and relationship between bullet expansion, wound channel, and decelleration is going to be a differential equation, rather than 'simple' math, which is probably why nobody tries to get that complicated. Hoped to leave those behind after college.... probably going to be difficult to work all of that into an Excel spreadsheet.

DMC, I think Marshall is moose hunting. If you don't hear from him in a week or so, try sending a PM. Probably will need 1 day to shoot a moose, and the rest of the week to cut it up.
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