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My two cousins from out of state came to the ranch to hunt deer this year. The first day of the season I guided them to a couple of nice bucks and later in the afternoon managed to get one myself. Pretty unusual for three hunters to all get a buck on the same day around here and thought it made for a nice picture some of you might enjoy.

From left to right: my buck, cousin Ron’s buck, cousin Craig’s buck.

My buck where he dropped. Savage EG in 243 with Leupold 2x7. This gun has some collector value, since it was only made for two years in the early 50’s. Would like to be able to brag on a long difficult running shot, but he was standing broadside at only 100 yards and dropped at the shot just behind the front shoulder.

Bullet recovered from the off side just under the skin.

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Hey, Tom - great pic's and even greater hunt!

Thought you'd be using the old Trapdoor this year!

Sure is a shame TFE went down, isn't it?

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It don't get much better than that. Looks like a fun day.

Three deer on the first day sounds like a lot of beer drinking and not a lot of hunting for the rest off the season. :)
Hopefully you still got some more tags to fill...
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