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Tikka Rifles?

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:rolleyes: What are your opinions on Tikka rifles?
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Tikka Rifles

I have never owned one but the people that I know do swear by them. Thay are made by Sako and are very good quality.
My brother just bought a tikka in 270 winchester. He also bought a new zeiss conquest scope in 3x9...great combo.
We shot this afternoon, and he was grouping under 1/2" for three shots at 100 yards, off sandbags. We took it out to sight it in, since the scope was just mounted yesterday. I also shot it and it is a joy to shoot...good trigger, very crisp with no creep. We also shoot a good bit offhand and sitting and the rifle performs flawlessly. I would recommend taking a good look at these rifles.
Thanks, I shot a friends and it was great. Under an inch!
I'm in the process of buying a 595 Hunter in .243 Win. I'm left handed and have just now located one for sale. The few I've seen are extremely accurate with a sweet trigger.
I bought a Tikka and what they say is true under an inch! Nice trigger too!:D
Bear Wallow said:
:rolleyes: What are your opinions on Tikka rifles?
At the range today, a shooter had aTikka in .260 Rem. He was shooting off hand at silhouettes set at 200yds. (chicken) and 300yds. (ram) making bell ringing music as he regularly connected on the targets. He was later shooting off the rest and had 1/2" at 100 yds. groups consistantly. He also swears by the Tikka Rifle for it's accuracy. It was my first time to see one perform. It costs me money every time I go out there! hehehe !!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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