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I just skimmed the forum and read some great stuff.
I am planning to take some college friends out shooting next week (assuming weather holds馃檮)
I learned on a bb gun and was up graded to .22 and larger 2 summers ago.

Both guys who are going with have never shot a firearm but one has used an airsoft (different I know)
The other is a city boy with no firearm experience what so ever.
I've showed two teens (14yo boy and 16 yo sister) so I've got an idea on showing peeps how to shoot but their mother was a marine so they have on going oversight.
I have
  • A few #10 cans and milk jugs
  • semi automatic .22 rifle
  • x100 .22 target rounds
  • Knowledge of hunter's safety
  • x2 eager but fairly levelheaded male friends
  • a deep and probably futile hope to purchase 30-30 or 8mm in the near future
  • Still waiting on a land owner to confirm we may use his field.

Anything else yall wise people can think of?
I'm planning to teach sensible teens as often as I can throughout the rest of my life long as we can get ammo anyway...馃檮
Also tips on how to choose target ammo. Want cheap, accuracy is not a big issue as for the first 10 or so rounds just want to get the person used to the noise


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The place I start is making sure no one gets shot. Stand close, behind, and on the side they are handling the gun from. All other spectators on the strong side and behind so the student, if he turns in his excitement, does not swing and cover the group with the muzzle. It happens fast! From this position you can reach and direct the firearm or his/her shoulders if necessary. Long guns are the way to begin muzzle discipline. Slow fire at first with finger off the trigger and safety on after each shot until it becomes clear and automatic. Think about volunteering with a local club to help teach this passion of yours. Oh yeah, ear protection for all. I could go on and on. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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Good info mikekoch .. I learned years ago to stand on the shooting arm side of a trainee .. when I was almost shot in the face by a man that never shot a semi auto 9mm . I would say handled but he's owned it for 20 years but never fired it . I preach this to everyone ever where I go ..

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I would add that if teaching seems to be a passion for you, that you strongly consider getting certified as an instructor by the NRA (range safety officer, rifle, pistol & shotgun) & become a Hunter Safety class instructor. There are things they will teach you that don't seem intuitive or obvious.

While the classes are an investment in time & $, there are added perks like some insurance against (heaven forbid) accidents that CAN happen with movie consuming newbies.

Best wishes & luck to you & all you teach!

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Good suggestions above. These KISS guidelines work for me.

1. Review prior to range time: 4 firearms safety rules emphasized, "hot vs. safe", proper sight picture
2. Eyes and ears for all
3. One shooter at a time, others stand behind shooter, teacher in control and always at the ready
4. 22LR, one shot only until properly demonstrated, open sights (my preference)
5. If shooter is frazzled, stop and reassess, maybe they're not ready, don't push them, let them decide


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Here's my go to video for new people wanting to learn to shoot, I've probably burned 30 of them to cd's over the years, given them away and never had a problem with gun safety with anyone after they watched it.
COL Jeff Cooper Handgun Fundamentals - YouTube
Col. John Dean (Jeff) Cooper was the foremost expert on training newbies all the way up to LE's and military how to safely shoot and how to self-protect. He is truly a legend and anything you can read or see from him is important knowledge to have!
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