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I have a pound of HODGDON TITEGROUP that I want to use in my 2 revolvers and I'd like to get some load info. HODGDON's web site does not show info for my EXACT bullet weight specifications. Can anyone help?

Revolver 1 will be using a .45LC 255GR Lead RNFP bullet. HODGEN's site shows a 250GR Lead RNFP bullet with 5.0gr to 6.2gr of TITEGROUP. What would be the min. and max. for a 255GR Lead RNFP?

Revolver 2 will be using a .38Special 158GR Lead RNFP bullet. HODGEN's site shows a 158GR Lead SWC bullet with 3.2gr to 3.8gr of TITEGROUP. What would be the min. and max. for a 158GR Lead RNFP?

I’m trying t be cautious here, so bear with me.


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go ahead and use the data that you have but do not start with max loads. In the particular setups that you speak bullet shape or 5 gr difference will not hurt. HOWEVER for my 40SW they recommend 4.8gr at this charge I was getting close to 150fps more than their numbers and I ended up settling on 4.1.

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I have found that in the two cartriges you mentioned, the .45 Colt, and the .38 Special the standard load data is quite flexible.
250 to 255 grs will have no noticeable effect on the load. You can get the same weight variation in the same box of typical commercial cast bullets.
It's only the better custom cast companys like Beartooth that keeps their weights under tight control.

Switching from the RNFP to a SWC will also have little effect. Altho I suspect you will get better accuracy from the SWC than the RNFP. Don't know why but that has been my experiance with them.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.
Caliber: 45 Colt
Case: Winchester
Primer: Winchester
Powder: Winchester 231, 7.1 grs
Winchester, 255 Conical Flat Nose Factory Bullet
Remington, 250 Conical Flat Nose Factory Bullet
D&A Sales, 250 Bevel Based SWC
Lyman 454190, 255 Conical Flat Nose Cast Bullet
RCBS 255 KSWC, 255 Keith SWC
Lee 255 SWC, Very long bearing surface
Speer, 250 Swauged Lead SWC

I have used all these bullets with 7.1grs of 231 without any problems. If you notice they are all different in design, material, or both. The only constant is the weight of 250-255 grs.
I have found this to be true with Unique also. I can't address TITEGROUP because I have never used it. But I suspect it will be similar. But as Duane said, don't start with the max loads.

Sorry for the long post.
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