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For years I have watched serious reloader carefully trim their rifle and handgun cases to a precise length....then geap up a chamfer tool and grind away. This is "A" alright with rifle cartridges with no roll crimp! However, upon examination with a powerful glass, you will find no two just alike. With this in mind, how can any rolled crimp be uniform, crimp to crimp? They will look good outside, but what about underneath? If loading is done properly there is no reason to chamfer a pistol round. A better procedure, that will give perfect crimps and bullet pull, is as follows. First, go ahead and trim, even a few thousandths under what is classed as trim length. This allows for some buildup of lube in the front of the case. Then twist the cases in fine steel wool. This will take out any burrs. Now if you look at the mouth of the case you will see it is somewhat square. Great! Now slightly bell you cases with your expander die. Seat the bullet without crimping, down to the crimp groove in the bullet. Follow up with a good rounded crimp. Now each and every one of those loaded rounds have the same exact bullet pull! Think about it! Best Regards, James
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