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My friend,

I have read your post under the subject of being armed in church.  Maybe this post will be also felt by you to be inappropriate in such a public forum, but so be it.

It is unfortunate that you chose to make the greatest mistake when it comes to God's Church.  The Church is the body of believers, and these are just ordinary people who are fallible.  God was not responsible for the Inquisition or the Holocaust, people were.  So far as asking where He was during these events, you are applying human wisdom to a question which we in our limited state are not able to judge.  God's purpose is not our purpose, nor are we able usually to discern His purpose in many matters.  In short, I cannot answer these questions, no man can.  But I have confidence that God will reveal in His good time His reasons for allowing these horrors.

When you were very young your human father made decisions concerning you which you surely felt were unfair and unjustified, but looking back from an adult perspective you now can understand his reasons which were usually for your good.

Consider this about the so-called Spanish Inquisition.  This was directed not at un-believers, Jews, or any ethnic group, it was directed at Christians who did not agree with the position of the Roman Catholic Church in several specific ways.  We now refer to these groups as Protestants.  The Inquisition, and other persecution by the established "church", whether Roman Catholic, Episcopal, or others of the groups later called "Protestant" was a large reason for many of these groups leaving Europe for the "New World".

Please, don't throw out the baby with the bath water as it were.  I won't try to convert you to any particular sect, but only to ask you to honestly investigate the claims of the Bible.  If you do so with an open mind I sincerely believe you will find that the "higher power" you claim to believe in will be given a face and a name for you!  You owe this to yourself.  So-called "organized religion" is not the culprit, but rather some of the people in it.

A final word.  Christ, the incarnate second person of the Trinity, died for you!  At least give Him the honor of an honest investigation.  If you will do this, the most you have lost is a few hours, days, or weeks and you could gain everything by it.  A man, Jim Elliot, who was martyred for the Faith had said before his death, "A man is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep (his earthly life) to gain what he cannot lose (eternal life with God, Creator of the Universe)".  Don't be influenced by those who claim that Christianity is an arrogant and exclusiveist religion, we merely believe that Christ who made the claim that there was only one way to the Father, and that was through Him(Christ), who is God himself.  This is not being exclusive or arrogant, but believing the very words of the Creator Himself who so loved His creation that He gave Himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

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Well said! I totally agree with everything you have written.
As Jesus said, "Blessed are those who have not seen me but have believed."

Some other folks that I know do not believe because they have not seen and I pray that some day, before it's too late, the Lord will open their eyes to the truth which is that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and no man may come to the father but through him.

On that day when he returns again, EVERY knee will bend, EVERY head will bow and EVERYONE will confess (even the unbelievers) that JESUS IS LORD OF ALL!


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