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IMO, the deciding factor is: neck turn for what?
Most factory chambers don't require it, most chambers on bench rest rifles do.
Another reason to neck turn is if you are making brass for a cartridge from another caliber. For example, if you decide to make some 25-06 cases from 30-06 brass, you may have to neck turn.
I don't neck turn for factory chambers unless the rifle unless the rifle is a really accurate varmint/target rifle, and the possibility of improving groups by 1/10th of an inch matters (and would be apparent).
Generally, you neck turn fired cases before you resize, although that's not a hard and fast rule.
Neck turned cases in factory chambers usually wear out quicker than un neck turned cases - you are expanding and resizing the necks further on the neck turned cases, and they will crack sooner than unturned cases.
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