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To nice not to shoot today

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I got in a load of stuff yesterday, a couple scopes, four things of sabots, 180 grain Speer HP, and all sorts of other things I just decided I wanted. So last night I mounted the scope rail on my Green Mountain .45 caliber Stainless steel barrel and threw a Simmons 4x32mm scope on it.

I had a lot of things to do today, but cancelled all of them. Got to have some priorities. It was 28ºs sunny, little wind, and that means shooting. I got out to the range and hiked through the thigh deep in spots snow to the target. It was 30 yards from the bench. Got back to the bench and with a snow shovel dug that out a little so I could sit down.

I then alcohol patched the Renegade with the Green Mountain Barrel, and popped a few caps. I loaded 85 grains of 3f Triple Seven powder and a 200 grain Hornady XTP in a light blue MMP sabot.

The MMP sabot was a real challenge to load, let me tell you. Good thing I ate my Wheaties today. WOW that loaded tight. Shot the first shot and it was low and left. So I made a massive scope adjustment and shot two more, swabbing between shots with alcohol. I noted I made too much of a correction. They hit high and not over to the right enough.

So I went into the house and got some Harvester Crushed Rib .45 caliber light blue sabots. I made another adjustment to the scope and shot five rounds, swabbing every other round.

That was not too bad. I was going to make another adjustment, but decided I did not like the scope rings I used last night. So instead I went in the house and remounted the scope with some quick release mounts.

Tomorrow I should get some things done, but if it is nice, I want to shoot again. As for this load... talk about a sweet load to shoot. Recoil on a scale of 1-10 is a 2 and hardly any barrel jump with that big stainless barrel. I did not that the barrel in the renegade stock was a little loose, so I shimmed it with some duct tape. Much better fit...

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Today was much different shooting then yesterday. Sunny outside, still warm, around 23º so the temperature was still nice, but there was a nasty wind today. And it was blowing straight down the range. So the target was like wash on the line on a windy day. You had to kind of pick your shots you might say.

I had changed from Weaver to Traditions rings that were quick release. It makes cleaning the rifle easier because I can give it a water bath. So I was kind of pleased to see the first two were only high.

This was with 80 grains of Triple Seven 3f (new jug) and Harvester Crushed Rib light blue .45 caliber sabots. This time I was shooting the 180 grain Speer GDHP. They sure look like a well constructed bullet. And in the Crushed Rib sabots, they load like a dream. In fact after I kicked some snow around the target to keep it from flapping in the wind, I shot that five shot group WITHOUT swabbing between shots. When I finally did swab, there was some crud down in the breech but nothing all that bad.

I then shot some non paper targets for fun. I decided not to make a final adjustment to the scope because I want to see how well it returns to zero the next time I shoot.

This stainless barrel sure cleans up nice. I gave it a water bath and the second patch came out clean. Triple Seven 3f is a nice powder to shoot.

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Man, you are a dedicated shooter, I'll give you that! We had 6" of snow and there was no way I was trudging out through that to set up targets! :) Most of it has melted now but another front moving in tonight, so I'm going out to do some shooting before the race starts.
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