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Sorry for the suspense. When I ran down to the basement to check my reloading notes, I forgot to type in 4064. My load is 46.0 grs. IMR 4064, ignited by a CCI 200 primer, W-W brass. Straight from the Speer Reloading manual. Always been a good load for me and a couple of buddies who are fortunate enough to own the Marlin 336 ER. Only 2,400 and change were made in this configuration. Groups run 1-1 1/2 " for all of our guns, at 100 yds !
My .44 mag load is 23.0 grs H110, CCI 350 mag primer, star brass, with the Saeco 270 gr. FNGC homecast bullet. Fantastic load ! We're talking 1" groups or better at 50 yds., from the Marlin 1894, with Lyman peep. Velocity is just over 1800 fps.
By the way, I pushed the wrong button, and started a new thread, instead of a response. I'm still getting use to the new system.

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Thanks c-n-b,
Next time I'm out I'l pick some up. I was at the shop yesterday and couldn't pass up a 80 dollar pump 12 guage. It was made in china, has adj ramp sights, bottom eject, and an 18 1/2in tube. I figure it'll make a great slug gun. I'm not looking for one hole groups with my 356, but 6in grps not gunna happen. I had smaller groups with my marlin 44mag @100yds open sights and pmc ammo. Love that gun. Is it me or are all pistol cal guns suprisingly accurate. Win trapper was a tack drive also.

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