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To Rim, or Not to Rim???

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Good evening All! Ok, I've got an open accuracy question that's probably like asking who makes the best beer, but here goes. If you had a single shot rifle/pistol, i.e. Contender/TCR, and had your choice of picking either a rimmed or a rimless case, with head-spacing and case alignment in mind, which might be the better choice for accuracy?

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A rimmed cartridge every time for me.
There are several good articles on solving Contender accuracy problems but it is not difficult really. Size the case to for a crush fit which will just trip the safety.

My selection of rimmed vs. rimless cases for the Contender and Encore is based upon using the rifles and handguns with gloves. Rimless cases, gloves and Contenders are not a happy threesome.
With a little research and effort you will not have any trouble loading rimmed cartridges for best accuracy.
Assassin will probably have a few words to say on this subject and he certainly shoots smaller groups than I do!
i agree completely! i'd like to have a reamer cut that would only cut the rim portion of the 307 case so i could use that brass in my 7/08 encore barrel. i also would like to figure somethning out for my 45 colt barrel... bellm offers his t'*** modification and i think i'm gonna try that on the 45 colt barrel...
Are you guys saying rimmed as a function of round handling ease, or headspacing?
Have to agree with William...rimmed. It's what a single shot is for, there is no need for a rimless case (and the extractor fun) with a single shot action.

I doubt there is a real accuracy difference (other than the only factory match-brass I can think of is rimless), just that rimmed cases and single shot actions seem a perfect match.
Talk to any good gunsmith (Assassin) about a barrel on your T/C Contender or Encore, or the H&R handi-rifle, and he'll tell you there are inherent advantages to a rimmed case. I don't fully understand the mechanical reasons behind it, but the standing breech of a break-action benefits from a case that headspaces on the rim, rather than the shoulder. You'll notice that many of the more popular wildcats for any of these platforms are based on rimmed cases, such as the 30 Herrett and the entire line of JDJ cartridges.

NOTE to Big Dan: The TS0B (tough son of a gun) scope mount is actually a proprietary design from JD Jones, of SSK Industries, but Mike Bellm will drill and tap for that mount, since it is so effective.
broom you're right, it's the T'BOSS that is his breech mod...
Years ago when I messed around with a couple of Contender frames and over a dozen different chambered barrels, my finding was the rimmed cartridges were far easier to reload and chamber as compared to the rimless. For my money, the rimmed case is the only way to go in this firearm.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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