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While looking at the Callahan Book Company flier I came across the book from the Explorers Club: “Told At The Explorers Club.” The book in this catalog is from Lyons dated 2003 and is a compilation of the three original books. I was unaware this book had been compiled.
I discovered my copy which I assume is the first of the three more than forty years ago covered in dust in my fathers workshop, this one is the 1931 edition.
This is compilation of stories told at the Explorers Club and none of the story tellers received any compensation for their stories. All proceeds went to the Explorers Club.
Stories include Lindberg bailing out of his mail plane due to fog. Roy Chapman Andrews in Korea, and other exciting tales of exploration.
The two best stories for me are:
“Bringing the crippled Roosevelt Home” by Robert A. Bartlett. This is the amazing story of the steam sailor Roosevelt loosing a propeller blade in the ice and the heroic struggles of the crew to not only save the ship but return some Eskimo’s to their homes. This all took place in 1905, when the title mechanic meant something.
The second is the story:
“At Close Quarters With a Polar Bear” by Anthony Fiala. Adventure lover will recognize Fiala from Teddy Roosevelt’s trip to Brazil. In this story Fiala goes after a polar bear by lying on an ice flow and pretending to be a seal. When the bear sneaks up close Fiala raises his rifle and he gets for his trouble is a “click!” Someone had oiled his bolt and Fiala had an interesting few minutes.

These are very interesting stories and well worth looking for. You might check your library to see if any of the three Explorers Club books are hiding on a dusty shelf.
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