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Too Much Time on My Hands, I guess...

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The only lever-gun I own (sadly) is a rather nice Rossi M1892 Win. reproduction in .45 Colt. I love it, and I think it's begun to make me a better shot than I really am. I've been seeing some nice-looking Marlin 94s(?) in .44 Mag, and the thought of getting one to convert to .357 B&D occurred to me. Starting with a .44 Magnum carbine would entail rebarreling, and I have no idea of the work involved.
I'm wondering if the simpler conversion would be to start with a lever gun in .357 Magnum, have the chamber reamed to .357 B&D, and then R&R the "bolt" (?) with one having a bolt face for .44 Magnum. R&R-ing the mafazine tube assembly is probably a must-do, also.
Even if the above procedures can be done with reasonable convenience, I wonder what changes might need to be made to the feed way parts to facilitate reliable operation.
Ideas? Comments? Surmises? Guesses? Groans? Hallicinations? All welcome.
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Finally got my 41 mag lever gun, it is nice to have some odd critters!
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