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Tools for engraving/scrolling

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum here.  I have a question for you all.  I am interested in building a custom stock for a rifle of mine from scratch.  I would like to do some checkering and perhaps some engraving on it, and I am curious where I should start with this.  What kind of tools are used to do this, and where can they be obtained.  I am also interested in learning to do some scroll work on metal.  I know both of these take many hours of practice to get any good at, and I am willing to put in this time, but I don't know what tools to use for it.  Thanks for any help,

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Hi, LI:
 A friend thought she'd try engraving several years back and did a bit of research. She got mixed reviews on the book "The Art of Engraving" by James B. Meek. It's available from Brownells, as well as several others, along with tools and videos.

 She passed on it when she learned that the only full time engraver in Saskatchewan wasn't making a decent living at it, and another baby was on the way.

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