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Top Punch for Lee Mold

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What top punch (Lyman or others) will fit the Lee Truncated Cone, 776-747 (2 cavity), 397-569 (6 cavity), .452, 230 gr, .45 ACP mold? No guesses please.

Is there a Lee Mold-to-Lyman Top Punch guide out there somewhere?
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Internet search results Lyman 460 top punch.
That, or you run them through the Lee sizers which are through-sizers that need no top punch. I use mineral spirits as a lube for that. I then apply Lee Liquid alox or White Label X-lox lube after sizing. Seems to work without filling the lube groove.

Welcome to the forum, BTW. Rules are to join in, have fun, and play nicely with the rest of us kids.
Give Lee customer service a call. They hooked me up with an RCBS punch number for my mould right quick.
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