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Top Rated .380 & .40 cal semi auto's???

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Was just wondering if there is a list of ratings for semi -auto handguns that are on the market, also prices/price guide's?????:D
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I don't have experience with the autos that have been mentioned here, but I'll offer some advice if you're interested in concealed carry. I have a Taurus M85, 5 shot, 38 Special revolver in stainless (high polished "pimp" finish). It shoots point of aim to 25 yds and would make a bad joke of many revolvers or autos, accuracy wise, with twice the barrel length at that distance. It can be concealed with ease by nearly any manner and it has NEVER failed to work with over 2000 rounds through it. I have autos with that good of track record, but they are all .45's and all full size. The trigger pull is very easy to use at typical gunfight distances. If you need more than five shots you're in a situation that typically wouldn't be called "self defense", but it can be reloaded quickly enough. When I carry it, it's full of Cor-bon 125gr +P's. I like the slimness of an auto, which are verly slightly skinnier than this revolver, but I also like the idea of it going BANG until it's empty with no exceptions whatsoever, 2000+ rounds, period. Oh, and it's economical to boot. I'm glad I've never had to use it, but I have no doubt it would stop a fight with a decent shooter behind it, as well as a .380 or .40 at least.

Sorry not to have input to your direct question, but I figured this info might be useful to you.
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