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Top Rated .380 & .40 cal semi auto's???

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Was just wondering if there is a list of ratings for semi -auto handguns that are on the market, also prices/price guide's?????:D
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stay away from sig in 380

the only 380 I have experience with is the sig 232.what a pos.better off shooting a pellet gun.not very accurate,jams,and was returned twice to sig for service,still doesnt shoot correctly.shoot my buddies taurus 40 caliber and like it alot,bought a pt 92 9mm for my wife,and she has a blast shooting it.I would prefer the 40 or 45 caliber,but she was leary of a larger pistol,so 9 mm it is.good luck choosing a pistol,there are alot of nice ones in the 40-45 caliber range.
check out,they have good prices with specs and pics of just abiout everything out there.if you can get a price match from a local dealer take it.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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