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Top Rated .380 & .40 cal semi auto's???

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Was just wondering if there is a list of ratings for semi -auto handguns that are on the market, also prices/price guide's?????:D
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I'll second 445 supermag DW's post.
The SIG 232 380 that my wife packs has worked flawlessly for 3 years now.
If the round fits in the magazine the 232 will feed/fire/eject it.
The SIG 239 40 S&W & 357 SIG that I pack has worked flawlessly for years.
I prefer to pack my S&W 1006 or 1076 10mm Auto.
I like the added "horsepower" of the 10mm.
180gr Speer Gold Dots at 1300fps,can't be achieved with a 40 S&W.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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