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Top Rated .380 & .40 cal semi auto's???

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Was just wondering if there is a list of ratings for semi -auto handguns that are on the market, also prices/price guide's?????:D
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The only autos I have experience with are the Taurus and Colt models.

Taurus 99 - hated it, too big anyway, traded for a SW 38 spl. (sweet shooter, gave it to Mom)

Taurus PT-111 - nice little 9 mil. though double action only, carrys nicely and not difficult to hold on target at 15 yards. Still have that one in the nightstand.

Colt Officers model - nice, not as compact as I would like for constant carry, not difficult to hold on target at 15 yards.

Colt Government 380 - very nice, very comfortable, very easy to hold on target at 15 yards, carrys well inside waistband. Downside is; it is no longer in production, though they can be gotten in good shape. The replacement is the series 80 or some such thing, and personally, I don't like it.
Funny you should mention fit and feed! Just this past Friday I took my wife to an indoor range, bought ammo (made by Federal, but not that name on box - red and white box) and we went a'shootin'! The 9 had a problem seating correctly at least 8 out of fifty shots. I started to get po'd at the weapon first, but remembering that with UMC it fed and fired fine, I concluded that the 9 didn't like a few of those other brand.

In another interesting turn of events, after shooting the 9 and shooting my Colt Trooper III, she has decided (even though MY revolver grip is entirely too big) that she wants a hammerless revolver. She does not want to deal with a snag, or a misfeed, or the chance, however remote, that the pistol may go off if dropped, AND she does not want to deal with a safety. I am agreeable, it goes in her nightstand, and because of it's simplicity, I won't have to maintain it.

The second (and best) part of this story is that when she wanted to shoot the Colt, she asked me how it kicked, and I demonstrated, with empty hands, the recoil I am used to from that revolver. She nodded, and wanted to try. I should point out that I am 6', 250 lbs, and she is 4'11" and less than 135 lbs. The Colt is so big in her hands that she has to use her off hand to pull the hammer back. Ok, no biggie - with her feet planted and shoulders squared, she fired the first round, and her eyes got big as saucers, and she gave me the "OH my!" look at the plume of flame, AND it was a good thing I was right behind her - she got pushed back an inch or two. Then, she turned around and fired the remainder of the wheel, put it down and asked to go again. What a woman! Even though that revolver was too big for her, she decided from this experience that she wanted a revolver over an auto. I am happy and relieved.

So, now, even though I sorta like the little Taurus, I think it will go in favor of a S&W hammerless. The FFL in our area has a S&W day coming up this month, so I hope to find a revolver for her, that she is comfortable with, and either trade or consign the Taurus.

P.S. This was my wife's first ever handgun shooting experience. Her only previous shooting had been once, twenty years ago with a 12 ga. that knocked her down. But she is one game woman!
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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