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Top Rated .380 & .40 cal semi auto's???

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Was just wondering if there is a list of ratings for semi -auto handguns that are on the market, also prices/price guide's?????:D
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One of the finest .380 Autos brings derision when mentioned nowadways: the Walther PPK.
I have one, American-made, I purchased three years ago. It is the blued model PPK and a very fine firearm.
Some shooters hold the American-made PPK in disdain reportedly for lousy quality. I don't know about that, but that's NOT the gun I bought new.
It's very well made, accurate and extremely reliable.
The PPK is small, especially when the magazine without finger rest is used, and can actually be carried in the front jeans pocket. I know, I've done it.
Unfortunately, the PPK is no longer manufactured. It has been replaced by the PPK/S, which has a slightly longer grip and accomodates one more cartridge (seven, vs. the PPK's six .380 rounds).
I wanted a .380 a few years ago and set out looking at various models. Too many of the .380s were the size of a 9mm. Others has sharp corners or prominent sights that might snag on clothing during a draw.
Time and again, I kept returning to the PPK for yet another look.
Finally, I bought it and have never regretted my purchase.
Critics charge that the PPK is an old design (oh horrors!), has a long, creepy double-action pull (not the one I bought, but perhaps I got a fluke) and has a low capacity.
For years, FBI statistics have shown that most gunfights involve two or three shots before one or the other shooter goes down, surrenders or runs away.
In light of this, I don't consider 7 rounds (1 in the chamber, six in the magazine) a deficit.
Besides, higher-capacity .380s sacrifice portability and concealability for those extra rounds.
The Walther is quickly and easily reloaded, if necessary.
If you want a .380, I heartily suggest the Walther PPK.
Yes, it's old. But so is the Colt .45 Auto, yet few deride it as obsolete (and if they do, they're crazier than Hades).
The Walther's been tested in the field for nearly 75 years, in all different climates and under all kinds of conditions. It is noted for reliability.
With my PPK and cast bullet loads, I can put all shots into a paper plate at 25 yards, offhand, in a matter of seconds. Jacketed bullet ammunition, which produces greater recoil, takes a little longer to empty a magazine but the accuracy remains.
If you want a .380, get a PPK or PPK/S. I can't comment on the .40-caliber, I have no experience with it.
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