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Hello from Scotland~

Britain was shocked by the shootings in Birmingham at a party were a four teenage girls were shot, two killed in gang cross fire ! two wounded ! Dozens of shots were fired from what is believed to be a hand gun and a machine gun !

This has brought "gun culture" and "gun crime" to the front page again.

In the last five years gun crime has increased 50 % and there are approx nine shootings in London per day !!

The government has promised to get tougher on hand guns !!
5 Year jail term if caught carrying a hand gun ..............

"HANG ON" !! Five years ago they completely BANNED HAND GUNS !!!!


What a ruddy waste of time and money that was, thousands of law abiding licenced shooters lost there hand guns..... for what ???

This will no doubt be used to bring in tougher restrictions on us shotgunners and rifle shooters..... We are the only minority that its ok to oppress !
:mad: :mad: :mad:

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